1. Name:

The organization shall be called “The Combustion Institute - Indian section, hereafter referred as The Combustion Institute(IS)" or “The CIIS”. The office of the Institute shall be situated in Thermodynamics and Combustion Engineering Laboratory, Mechanical Department at IIT Madras,              Chennai-600036 and its activities shall extend to all the states and territories of the Union of India.

2. Affiliation :

The Institute Shall be affiliated to The Combustion Institute incorporated in July 1,1954 in the State of Delaware, United States of America, hereinafter referred to as ‘The Parent Body', located in Pittsburgh, PA. The Parent Body shall be informed of these By-Laws, and changes in the By-laws.The CIIS is also registered with the office of the registrar of societies, Ranga Reddy district, Hyderabad wide the registration Number 1922 of year 2005

3. Aims And Objects:

i) To organize symposia/conference/lectures and other meetings for exchange of knowledge in this field, and to bring together the scientist and engineers, from institutions, universities, industry and government, from all regions of India and from other countries.

ii) To encourage the publications of technical papers on combustion and its applications, and to draw attention to any special problems or condition that exists in India through news letters.

iii) To assist members in widening their knowledge of combustion related subjects by attending symposia and conferences organized under the auspices of the Indian section and also the International symposia organized by Combustion Institute.

4. Membership:

i) The Institute shall have two classes of members: Annual membership/life

ii) A graduate in engineering or technology or science or having equivalent recognized qualification who is in agreement with aims and objects the Institute may apply for the membership of the Institute and his admission shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

iii) A member may resign from the Institute at any time by giving a notice in writing to the secretary.

5. Subscription:

a) The subscription for the membership shall be determined by the Institute from time to time and shall cover a period of two years beginning on 1st of January of even-numbered years and ending on 31st December of odd-numbered years. The fee for life membership will be ten times the annual subscription which is non-refundable. The current life membership fee is Rupees 1000.

b) No subscription shall be required from the applicants for membership who are members of the Combustion Institute in good standing by virtue of having paid dues to the Institute directly or to another of its sections. However, the Executive Committee may require that dues be paid to the Indian section in subsequent two year periods as a condition for the continuation of membership.

c) Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if a member has not paid his subscription within one year of its becoming due.

d) The Institute with the approval of the Executive Committee shall secure donation/funds for carrying out the objects of the Institute.

6. Privileges of Membership:

A member whose subscription is paid up to date shall be entitled

a) To be notified of all relevant activities of both the Institute and the parent body.

b) To vote at all General body meeting and special meetings of the Institute.

c) To apply to the Institute for finding travel funds when such travel is in accordance with the aims and objects of the Institute.

7. Office Bearers:

i) The office bearers of the Institute shall be a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary and a Treasurer.

ii) All the office bearers shall hold office until their successors are elected and qualified.

8. Executive Committee:

i) The Institute shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of all the office bearers and 12 elected members.

ii) The committee may if necessary may appoint from amongst the members of the Committee such other officers, as it deems fit.

iii) The Committee shall have the power to add to its number by co-option for such periods, as it deems necessary.

iv) The Committee decisions shall be by majority vote and four voting members shall constitute a quorum excluding the co-opted members.

v) The Chairman shall have, when necessary, a second or casting vote at the meetings of the Committee and general or special meetings.
vi) The Chairman along with the Secretary and the executive committee is empowered to nominate two co-opted members if necessary. This does not need the approval of the GBM.

9. Elections:

i) The elections for the office bearers and the members of executive committee shall be held at the general meeting biennially.

ii) Any member of the Institute is eligible for election, provided he is sponsored by two members, and notice of his nomination is given to secretary in writing a week before the general meeting.

iii) If no nominations are received or sufficient nominations are not received, posing, seconding voting and electing may be done at the Annual General Body Meeting.

iv) At each biennial election, which shall coincide with the scheduled conference/symposium, the office bearers and members of executive committee shall be chosen for a term of two years to succeed those whose term expire.

v) Members of the executive committee shall hold office until resignation or expiry of the term. In case the scheduled biennial is not held, the symposia/conference present members would continue to hold office for a maximum of two years after which they will be eligible for re-election.

10. Functions and duties of office bearers and executive committee:

i) Chairman:

a) The chairman shall be the chief executive officer of the Institute. He shall preside over all meetings of the members and the executive committee.

b) He shall have general and active management of the business of the Institute, and see that all orders and resolutions of the meetings of the members and the executive committee are carried into effect.

c) He shall have general supervision and direction of the other office bearers of the Institute, and see that duties of the officers are properly performed.

ii) Vice-Chairman:

a) The Vice-Chairman shall be vested with all the powers required to perform duties of the chairman in his absence or disability, and he shall perform such other duties as he may be prescribed by executive committee.

b) He shall be Vice-Chairman of the Executive committee.

iii) Secretary:

a) The Secretary shall function under the direction of the Executive Committee Chairman. He shall call for the meeting of the members and Executive committee and maintain the minutes.

b) He shall be responsible for serving all notices and preparing agenda of the meetings and the communication of minutes and reports.

iv) Joint Secretary :

a) The joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary in his duties and assume his duties in his absence.

v) Treasurer:

a) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of subscriptions from the members.

b) He shall disburse the funds of the Institute, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements, shall render to the Chairman and Executive Committee at the meetings an account of all his transactions as Treasurer and of the financial condition of the Institute.

c) All checks, drafts or orders for payment of money, shall be signed by the Treasurer or Secretary or any of the executive member nominated by the Chairman.

d) Any activity like national and international seminars/conferences will be managed separately by the organizing Secretary of the conference /seminar and the final account will be submitted to the treasurer or Secretary of CIIS.The submitted records must have the signatures of the Secretary of CIIS, the organizing Secretary of the conference/seminar and the Chairman of the organizing committee of the conference/seminar.The account for the conference/seminar (national or international) should be opened in the name of "Organizing Secretary -name of the conference".For example national conference on IC Engine and Combustion(NCICEC) must have the account in the name of "Organizing Secretary-NCICEC" and be operated either by the organizing secretary of the conference and /or any member of office bearers/member of the executive committee nominated by the chairman of the Combustion Institute-Indian Section.

vi) Executive Committee:

a) The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary and 12 elected members shall constitute the Executive committee of the Institute.

b) During the interval between meetings of the members, the executive committee shall possess and may exercise all the powers in the management and direction of the business and affairs of the Institute, in such a manner as it shall deem best for the interest of the Institute, in all cases where specific directions have not been given.

c) During the interval between the meeting of the Executive Committee , the Chairman shall possess and may exercise such of the powers vested in the Executive Committee as from time to time may be conferred upon him by resolution of the Executive Committee.

d) The Executive Committee shall be convened by Chairman at such times and places as may be necessary to conduct the business of the Institute.

11. Meetings:

A Biennial General Meeting of the Institute shall be held in conjunction with the scheduled conference/symposium meetings. The business to be transacted at this meeting shall be as follows

a) to receive and adopt the minutes of the previous Biennial General Meeting ,and of any Special Meetings.

b) to receive and adopt the Chairman’s report.

c) to receive and adopt the Treasurer’s report and audited accounts.

d) to deal with any proposed alteration to the By-Laws of the Institute or any other matter raised by a member who has given 45 days notice in writing to the Secretary of his intention to propose such an alteration or to raise such a matter.

e) To elect the office bearers and members of the Executive Committee for the following two year period.

f) To appoint an Auditor for the two year period.

g) To deal with any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

12. Special Meeting:

A Special Meeting of the Institute shall be called by the Executive Committee within 45 days from receipt of a requisition in writing signed by not less than 20 members specifying the object of the meeting for any of the following purposes.

a) To consider an alteration to the By-Laws of the Institute.

b) To deal with any special matters which either the members or the Executive Committee wish to place before the Institute.

13. Notice Of Meetings:

A notice of 30 days shall be given to call the General Meeting or special meeting or executive committee meeting of the Institute.

14. Quorum:

a) The quorum for General Meeting and Special meeting shall be 20 members of the Institute.

b) The quorum for executive committee meeting shall be four members excluding the co-opted members.

c) No quorum shall be required for an adjourned meeting and the date and time of such meeting shall be fixed on the day of adjournment.

15. Change and amendments to the Bye-law:

The By-law of the Institute can be changed or amended by a 2/3 majority of the members present at the General/Special meeting convened for the purpose.

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